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互诺科技:2020-06-29 16:29
        Acoustic  is the registered trademark owned by Acoustic Concept Company Limited ( abbreviated as AM of the following ) founded in London by several members which have same passion of music, our company only established for a few years so not able to compare with other companies in the same industry even in scale or popularity. Our business begins with specially designed audio-related creations according to different requirements of customer, not mass-produced products but highly depends on professional technology. Nowadays we launch our own brand name AM, vacuum tube amplifiers and cables as our main products into the market.
        We have a very clear concept about the market and products. When designing a new product, we overlook the selling price in the market, just create without restrictions and then countless tests until everything confirmed. After confirmed all the details of product, and then consider how to reduce the unreasonable cost rather than consider anything about profits, as a small size enterprise that means we had an advantage which is does not have to impose very strict requirements on the profit while many famous brands have to in launching products. Then we try our best to omit the complicated structure of each layer from the delivery of the product to the market sales, so that most of the money consumers pay for the product comes from the actual cost of the product itself, which is the true sense of price per performance ratio of audio products.
        Now we sincerely recommend our Vacuum Tubes Amplifier and Handmade Pure Silver Interconnect series of AM to all the music lover. Everyone knows the importance of cable in their system but usually it is not easy to get satisfied matching.AM cables maybe one of your best choice.